1. www.Logoinfosoft.com : Logo is a web site where Logo information belonging to Logo Infosoft Business Technology Private Limited (“Logo”) is presented (“Site”). Please read the following conditions. Entrance to the Site is subject to the following legal conditions between you and Logo.

2.General Terms of Use: From the time you start using the Site, you are entitled to access, use and receive commercial communications, commercial electronic messaging, certain interfaces and functions provided by this website and other linked sites and through this site or through this site.

i. By being on the site means you have read and agree to the terms of use policy, the use of the site. You will not be asked for your “acceptance statement” that has been received or created in any form.
ii. You will be deemed to have accepted the terms of use written here by selecting your “acceptance and approval” steps if you are a member or your open admission statement is required.
iii. Do not use this site if you cannot fulfil the requirements stipulated in the use conditions or you cannot meet the approval / permission conditions. However, you should not use this site because your acceptance statement is not legally valid if you are not of the age required for the validity of your statement of acceptance or if you are limited.

3. Tactical / Modification of Usage Conditions: The site is constantly being updated and updated so that the best possible service can be provided by Logo to the user (The user’s tab is used as a generic term for everyone entering the site including membership). Depending on the innovation and the updates, the information presented and the content may change.
Logo has the right to make changes or new / additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Any changes made in order to be informed of all necessary usage conditions will be submitted to the site. Subsequent use of such a change means that such changes have been accepted.

4. Utilization of Content and Services:

i. A portion of your content (“Site Content”), including logo, brand, promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, views, recommendations, advertisements, announcements, audio, music, video, , Some of which can be published from other sources.
ii. Logo does not undertake and assumes no legal responsibility or liability for the accuracy and reliability of the information, communications, commercial electronic communications, or other linked websites provided from other websites or linked sites.
iii. Information and data from third parties on the site are for promotional purposes only. Logo and / or the contents of these contents have the right to change the content and terms of service without notice.
iv. There may be age-related legal restrictions in terms of age. Users must comply with these restrictions.
v. Users do not have the right to sell products, services, commercial advertisements, announcements or similar undertakings, trade, using site pages or site content unless otherwise provided by Logo.
vi. Logo has the right to determine the content of the site and the site as it pleases and may submit the site with advertisements and promotions. It is not mandatory that advertisements and promotions are directly related to the site. Logo may change the applications and tariffs for advertisements as and when desired.
vii. It is assumed that the users who use the content are based on the content-related risk that is obtained through this site.

5. Liability arising from the use of materials and content:
By agreeing to the terms of use, you agree to be liable for all actions you will take if youmake any use of the site. Regardless of the user’s source, the site has the right to engage in or not to engage in any kind of communication that may take place on the site or on the site. The legal consequences of the decision in this matter shall belong to the user who is connected to the site. Logo does not assume any responsibility in this matter. Logo is not responsible for any faulty content and services provided through the site, the material that may arise from any use including use in contravention of or laws illegal work, moral, legal, financial results or earnings losses as indirect damages from the information contained in the resource. For all kinds of areas accessed through the site resources, ideas, information, evaluation, interpretation and statistical figures and values, Logo ​​does not guarantee the accuracy and adequacy in any way. Site accessed through the error source and omissions, defects may occur in the data broadcasting, delay, omissions, inaccuracies, or the inactivation of the data broadcasting, can be incurred as a result of the use of the information accessed directly and / or indirectly damage, loss of profits, non-pecuniary damage and damages that may be caused by third parties. Logo may stop, cancel, change the information and / or abandon the subject data stream without prior notice.

6. No Warranty:
This site is provided to users as if it was the case, and does not include any warranties, written or oral, specific or generic, in the broadest form permitted by law.
Logo does not warrant that the Site itself or any third party's upstream and downstream sites / links do not carry viruses or other harmful content, including the functionality and content contained in this site, the server used to reliably defend, defamation or serve the site. Logo, site and content provided : It does not give an explicit or implied commitment to meet all expectations, goals and special needs, and to be uninterrupted and sufficient. Due to the content of the Logo site or site; Logos shall be deemed to have no liability to the member or the User for any consequential, indirect, or consequential damages, such as loss of profits. Logo reserves the right, inadvertently, to terminate or shut down the site in general and all content, visual design and similar elements Reserves the right to change, disable, or make a fee.

7. Bottom and Upper Links: This site can be found and linked to, linked to, and informed by third parties that Logo is not owned and controlled by third parties. Logo does not have any guarantees or specific commitment to the content, availability, security, privacy policies and communications that are made available to these sites. Logo cannot be held responsible for the personal information provided to the sites, the content and services used from those sites, and the privacy policies and practices of those sites.

8. Conditions of Membership:

1. Registration: Logo can keep the usage of some sections depending on membership / registration conditions, organize different membership categories, change existing categories. Some identification and contact information may be required during registration.

2. Member Name and Password: The member is given a name and password or is created by the member.

3. Anything entered during registration, placed on the site and content, transmitted or transmitted through this site; (i) identity information, and (ii) contact information. The identity and contact information provided for registration is deemed to be current, accurate and reliable. The username and password are the responsibility of the user to save the password.

4. Logo does not accept any liability for any misuse, unlawful or unauthorized use of the user name and password. In case of unauthorized use, it is the member who is responsible for the damage caused by 3rd parties and Logo is not responsible.

5. All responsibility for transactions made through the membership account belongs to the member.

6. Members acknowledge and agree that any information transmitted to or transmitted by this site is not inaccurate, misleading, misleading, infringes the rights of third parties, is not in violation of the law, is offered in good faith and has the right to post or transmit such information.

7. The Member is obliged to take the necessary precautions and notify Logo about the user name and the password to learn that it has been used unauthorized or attempted to be seized.

8. Commercial Communication: Member or users; You acknowledge and agree that you may send electronic or electronic communications from websites operated by third parties that do not own or control the operation of Logo or Logo and that you have prior consent or consent to the transmission of electronic communications, whether commercial or otherwise, accepted. The member has the right to cancel this permission / approval and to reject electronic communications in the commercial nature at any time. Any requests will be processed by Logo within 3 business days at the latest.

9. Collection of Visitor Information: When the site is visited, the web servers automatically start collecting information to allow the site to communicate with the visitor computer. In addition to this, information such as the number of visits to the site, which part of the web site you have chosen, IP addresses, domain type, browser type date and time, and roaming on the website are monitored, supervised and stored. The use of the site means that the user has granted Logo to collect, process and store the specified information.

10. Prohibition of Violation: It is forbidden to violate the security of the site or attempt to violate it. Penalties may be imposed on those who attempt such violations and public action may be opened. Any allegations of infringement will be investigated by Logo and will be referred to / cooperated with the relevant legal authorities if it is suspected that there is an illegal violation. If it is determined that the actions stated in this article have been performed, the access of the related person and users to the site shall be terminated and their membership shall be cancelled. The person or persons making the violation are liable for the financial, legal and criminal liability of the person and / or Logo in violation of the law.

11. Violation of Terms of Use : Located in the Logo website “Failure to comply Web Site Terms of Use or attempting to violate the rules, violation are fully realized or not realized, system information available refusal, removing the content, delete right along without prior notice to users to suspend access to the site, the termination, the right to cancel the membership (but not necessarily) reserves. This also applies if you have an indirect or breach attempt by a third party acting on behalf of the User. Any legal right or not to use logo written here measures or the application or stop the violation of their rights does not mean that accepted it.

12. Site Policies:

i. Criminal Acts: Users are obliged not to engage in any activities that are in violation of the relevant statutes and directives of Indian law.
ii. Illegal Behavior: Users agree and undertake not to use and use software that sends more messages to a site server over a certain period of time than a person’s sending capacity.

13. Summarization: The User may terminate the use of the Site and its membership if it so wishes, at any time and without notice, and without notice, to the extent that there is no separate agreement or arrangement in the site content. If it is foreseen, it is obligatory to follow the steps for termination of membership. Logo also;

(i) if the user is not entitled to use due to legal restrictions,
(ii) in accordance with the legislation or the decisions of the regulatory agencies,
(iii) subject to legal regulations or force majeure
(iv) suspend, terminate, terminate or otherwise terminate the site publication at the discretion of Logo.

14. Request: In the event of the use of the site, any and all computer records, including Logo’s log and contact logs, shall constitute definitive and exclusive proof of the e-mail and fax notices made by Logo to the user.

15. Charter Agreement: Logo is deemed by users to have the same legal consequences as valid notices of email or fax notices to be made to the contact information on the site.
16. Provisions to be imposed: The laws of India shall apply in conflicts arising from the use of the Site.